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“Don't sell a product, offer a treatment”

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of SecretAligner?
All programs are designed by orthodontists.
All your treatments are designed by our team of orthodontists, and our clients can speak to them 12 hours a day via our platform and over the phone.
We personalize the packaging with your clinic’s logo and your name, so your patients understand that what’s really important is you.
We do not advertise to patients, we work only for and with dentists.
Preparation and studies are always free of charge.
The studies are completely free, so you can assess the complexity of a case and the procedures which need to be carried out before committing to the patient.
You don't need a certification to start working with us.
Proclinic's invisible orthodontics
With the support and guarantee of PROCLINIC - the number 1 distributor of dental products in Spain.
12 non-stop hours of telephone assistance
Both our clinical advisors and our team of orthodontists are available without an appointment from 8 am to 8 pm Monday to Friday at our offices in Madrid.
We’re on hand give you solutions whenever you need them.
Our whole team is on hand to make our clients’ day-to-day work easier and more efficient.
The fastest service
From our offices and our design and production center in Madrid, we can assist you and respond to your needs faster than you may think.
The best material available worldwide
We use polyurethane, the best polymer available worldwide, to make our aligners. This guarantees the movement capacity of our aligners. Our R&D healthtech team constantly analyses, investigates and studies all the innovations and developments so you always have the best products for your treatments.
Online and face-to-face training for all levels
We offer continuous training both in person and online, for all levels, so that you’re always across the latest news, techniques, tips and tricks to achieve excellence in your daily practice.
More information
Fixed prices, no surprises
Unlimited refinements, passive aligners, replacements and replanning are always included in every program.
No impositions or entry barriers
You don't need certifications to start working with us.

Types of treatments

1. Worry-free
Our team of orthodontists will develop a complete treatment plan based on your indications. Then you can request any changes you need during planning.
2.Tailored to your needs.
Our team of orthodontists will prepare the treatment plan using the specific information you provide, suggesting possible additional movements where appropriate.
3. Pre-prosthetic treatment
Minimum number of aligners necessary to make a posterior prosthesis (veneers, pontics, implants).


Because our founders are dentists, we know that continuous training is key, especially when it comes to an innovative service such as invisible aligners.


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from 8 am to 8 pm Monday to Friday.


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